Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Future Of SlothLuck17

The future of me SlothLuck17, is to have a happy and successful life. Everybody, and I mean everybody like your neighbor, your brother, your sister, even your enemy, all have goals. Now in this blog I'm going to talk about my future, and in the comment section below you can say one thing you want in your future.

Now my future is to get very good grades from 1st Grade to the end of High School. My goal is to try to get into The Navel Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
                                                                                           BY: Ad Meskens

My future in America's Navy is to sail a Littoral Combat Ship.
USS Independence By: Stephen White public domain
My future is to stay in the navy for 11 years or more and then retire and live a happy life. Tell me one thing you want to do or have in your future. Remember nothing is impossible. HAPPY BLOGGING!